Goals and objectives of the Foundation

The fund was created on the initiative of a group of Russian and Turkish diplomats, entrepreneurs, public figures, as well as friends of the deceased diplomat. The presentation of the children’s charity fund named after the Russian Ambassador to Ankara Andrei Karlov, who died tragically on December 19, 2016, took place on November 20, 2017 at the residence of the Turkish Ambassador in Moscow.

According to the president of the charitable foundation, the widow of Andrei Gennadievich, Marina Karlova, the main goal of the organization is to help strengthen good ties between peoples of different countries.

“We are engaged in helping children with serious illnesses and those who find themselves in difficult conditions,”

she explained. – Without a doubt, this is a very worthy way to honor the memory of my husband, who spent a lot of time and energy on charity. Never advertising it anywhere, but acting simply at the call of the heart.

As Marina Karlova said at the opening ceremony of the Fund, it was created in order to perpetuate the memory of Andrei Karlov, and also so that this kind of tragedy would never be repeated anywhere

“The Fund is international, so children from Russia, Turkey and any other countries will be able to get help.”

The Fund was also created with the aim of holding events to strengthen the friendship of peoples, popularize the Russian language in the world, patriotic education of young people, promote international cooperation in the fields of education, science, culture, and help children in difficult life situations.

Marina Mikhailovna explained that another area of ​​the Foundation’s work will be the development of cultural cooperation: the organization of concerts, exhibitions both in Russia and in Turkey.

“In addition, there will be economic cooperation. There are plans to find some kind of rural settlement where, according to Turkish technologies will develop agriculture. There will be many more different directions, this is a very versatile Fund. We will try to do everything to ensure that our charitable organization is useful, so that the memory of Andrei Karlov is long, ”

emphasized Marina Karlova.

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